Sustainable packaging expertise.

Sustainable packaging expertise.

Sustainable packaging made in Germany

Plant Pack GmbH is a sister company of Nordgetreide GmbH & Co. KG. The northern German company with a market presence across Europe specialises in the gentle processing of grain into high-quality food products.

When it comes to producing Plant Pack, this close relationship brings about important synergies: maize grits, the raw material from which Plant Pack is made, is generated in large quantities as a residue when Nordgetreide processes corn. It is not suitable for food production an can then be utilised to manufacture sustainable packaging.

The Georg August University in Göttingen developed the production process for the maize grits-based packaging; it is based on extensive and patented research work. Plant Pack GmbH optimised the process jointly with the scientists and drove the material towards market introduction. The company holds the exclusive rights to use this patent in the packaging application area for the European market.

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The management

Ronald Goldbach is the managing director of the Plant Pack GmbH. After working in management positions abroad for several years – including the bakery company Aryzta in the UK and Ireland and the food products manufacturer and marketer IFFCO Group in the United Arab Emirates – he joined Nordgetreide, a sister company of Plant Pack, as a member of the management team in 2017. When Plant Pack GmbH was founded in 2021, he took over as managing director and, together with his colleagues, brought the product to market.

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